With the New Mount Everest Height 8848.86m, from the Government of Nepal, we are going to launch “Winter Everest Marathon” from 2025 allowing the runners to participate running the “New Higher Mount Everest Marathon” to celebrate the new increase of Mount Everest Height after the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal.

Our Winter Everest Marathon is an international high-altitude adventure sports event held on December 1st (every 2nd year from 2025) from Mt. Everest Base Camp crisscrossing the high Sherpa trails of Khumbu Valley.

Runners from everywhere can take part in their desired categories 42 km Full Marathon, and 21 Km Half Marathon.

Runners from all walks of life take part in this event – from highly professional to new runners.

Winter Everest Marathon is not just a running event – it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.